Help & FAQ´s

Help and FAQ´s

I'm unable to login because I've forgotten my username or password.

Use the link to reset your online account.

I'm a junior, can I book online?

No. We are only able to take bookings from members aged 16+.

As a parent or guardian, can I book sessions and activities on behalf of my children?

Parent & child and family sessions are available for online booking

Where can I find the phone number of my local leisure centre?

If you would like to contact a sports facility, choose the centre you would like to contact from our list of sports facilities.

Can I pay for my booking online?

All bookings must be made online. Where a fee is applicable, this must be paid at the time of booking.

How do I cancel a booking once I have submitted it?

We operate a no refund policy on all bookings where a payment has been made. However, customers can transfer a booking to another date and time at the same site by contacting the site where the original booking was made. All transfers are subject to availability. Sessions which are included as part of your membership can be cancelled online by going in to your 'Account history' and selecting the site where you made the booking at. Select the 'X' symbol next to your booking. If using a mobile device, select 'My Account' and select the site where you made the booking. Select the booking you wish to cancel and then select 'Cancel'.

I'm no longer receiving my booking confirmation emails?

This could be because you have changed your email address from the one you registered with. Please email so we can update your details.

Can I book online 24 hours a day?


How many days ahead can I book activities for?

You can book 7 days in advance. For example, bookings for Wednesday will be taken from 12.01am the previous Wednesday.

Why isn't my search showing any available times?

It might be because the class or activity is fully booked or it isn't available at that time.

What is the latest I can book a class or activity, prior to its start time?

You can book up to 15 minutes before the start time.

Why am I unable to book some activities online but can book them at the leisure centre?

Some activities require customers to complete an application form such as an induction, party or room hire. If you contact the leisure centre, the staff will be able to explain fully.

What are the 'Basket' and the 'Checkout'?

All the items you book are stored in the Basket until you are ready to go to the Checkout, where you can complete your booking. Please note that the booking must be completed even if the session/activity has a Zero cost.

How can I view my future bookings and bookings I've made in the past?

Once you have logged in, click the 'Account History' button on the right hand side. Any bookings you are in the process of making will not show in this list until you have completed the booking process.

How do I log out of online bookings?

Clicking the 'Log Off' button at any time during your booking will cancel the booking process.

How can I get further help on how to use online bookings?

Clicking the 'Log Off' button at any time during your booking will cancel the booking process


Why is on line booking now mandatory?

Booking online is an essential element in our efforts to reduce the transmission of Covid-19. Customers will not need to attend or queue at reception to make bookings

What advantages will online booking provide?

Speedier process - no queueing at reception or waiting for telephone to be answered.

Streamline attendance process, so everyone should get in to class on time.

Will I still be able to book in person? I don't really use computers.

We are introducing a call centre option, but this will be subject to availability and will not offer booking opportunities at all times.

What's to stop someone booking for their friends and classes becoming full straightaway?

Bookings will be limited to one per person per session/activity, although you will be able to book a number of different sessions/actitities for yourself.

Some people will just book lots of sessions/activities to reserve their place and then decide not to turn up?

We reserve the right to remove the online booking option for people who regularly fail to cancel or show up for the bookings they have made and have introduced a fining system for non-attendance.

When will bookings become available?

The 7 day in advance rule will stay, but all bookings will be available from 12:01am.

Won't this discriminate against people who start work early and are in bed at this time?

Only a limited number of bookings are likely to be made so early - early risers will still find plenty of available classes to book before they go to work.

Who is able to use online booking?

Booking will be available to everyone. Gym members will simply need to register to book as their details are already held; this applies to Bradford Leisure Card holders as well. Non-members will be able to book and pay as they go with an option to register as a user to streamline their future bookings.

How will bookings for sports activities work?

Any session or activity that has a charge attached will have to be paid to complete the booking. This is using our safe online payment portal.